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My 2 Minutes Of Fame

Some times you meet people that are just real and true and you immediately like them because of that. I have to say Elias Johnson from We Are Iowa channel 5 morning show is totally that guy. I met him at Ragbrai as his big old camper decided that it was going to park just outside where we were located and I got irritated because it screwed up my turning around in my car (ha ha). He had been lingering around but I didn't think much of it until I got enough of a break to see news cameras around the camper at some point. After a VERY long day of awesome massages he was still hanging around, so I went up and oh so smoothly asked him if he was going to get a massage or not before I packed up. He was reluctant to keep me past my hours, but I'm pretty persuasive and on the chair he went. It was there that I finally found out who he was (yeah I had no clue and don't watch the news if I can help it, sorry to disappoint, but that's me). I really didn't care that he worked on the news but his past jobs were closer to something I could relate to and we got chatting.

I told him he should have me on his morning show and you know what he did? He came back a few minutes later telling me his producer was on board and he would contact me after Ragbrai. That he did and it lead to yesterday and my 2 minutes of fame on the morning news. How cool is that? He made me look great too, I was impressed. Don't worry though because my brain shot in and if you watch the clip you will see that I kept calling the subscapularis anything but what it was because I noticed he needed work in the other muscles I kept saying!!! UGH... oh well, the whole experience was awesome and I really appreciate real people being out there helping others by empowering them.

THANK YOU ELIAS and WE ARE IOWA Channel 5 Morning Show for supporting local!!!

Here are some of the pictures and articles from yesterday's adventure. In the article you will find the clip from the show!


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