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Self Care Tip #1

I get excited a lot. It's just me, so know when I say I am excited to share this tip today, well, it's not going to be the last time I get this excited. That being said, this was really cool and know as I share these a lot are coming from what I do personally. I believe self care is REALLY important. It also looks very different for everyone so this one is what works for ME but know I will share other things that I know may help others but yet isn't in what I do. #SupportYOURStory 

So my first tip is to find time every morning to take time for yourself. I don't know what that looks like for you, but for me it's getting into a short bible time that I can hear some things that I totally need to hear to be the best that I strive to be. For you this may be meditation or whatever thing that gets you quiet and helps you to be mentally prepared to start your day.

For those of you on my facebook page, you will recognize that I am sharing these notes on there to help support others that are in the same boat as me, growth. Here are some REALLY key things that I learned this AM and how I am using each one to help get myself up and ready to take on my day. Know that these came from YouVersion Bible app, 'WHISPER, How to Hear the Voice of God'. It was an amazing devotional that really made me think, to the extent that it's now written for me to remember and work on daily!!


We all have guilt, for me my biggest is the fact that I have been married more than once. I truly get the beauty of God's design for marriage and yet here I am with multiple marriages. I know it was issues that I had and the fact that I didn't seek God first in getting into those relationships. Yet I have SEEN God's grace and mercy since, and yet, I hang onto this guilt. TIME TO LET GO!!! We all have those things in our lives that keep hanging there because we let them. Take this beginning to the year to let them go and move forward letting that lesson be a valuable one that you have learned from.

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