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You Are My Why...

In business it's always taught to have that "why". The reason for you to do what you do, that driving force, goal, clarity... As I was doing my plan I realized that it's YOU. My why is to EMPOWER, it's to SUPPORT, it's to help you gain where you need to, and feel able to go out and make a difference in your life.

A little about me quick, for those that already know me they can tell you I LOVE medicine. It's been this weird drive for me since I was 3 (earliest I remember it being something). I became a paramedic and loved doing my job.Then going further to teach, do conference speaking, training others to instruct, and teaching homeland security courses to schools, adults and teens. I helped develop programs and did a lot of things that to this day I am so grateful I got to be a part of.

In my early 30's I adopted 4 kiddos after trying VERY hard to have children on my own. From there I became a stay at home mama and went on to start learning more and more about the naturopathic world in an attempt to help raise kiddos that were able to go further in caring for themselves. My kiddos have various special needs, many that no one but us see which has given me many insights into looking beyond just typical healthcare treatments. By the time I was done I had 6 kiddos and loved my job of being a full time mama.

More recently I have added being an Advanced Clinical Aromatherapist and Master Health and Wellness Coach to bring more of a wholistic approach to all of what I had done as a medic. For me it helps to embrace a circle of integration I hope to see and help create as I move forward.

Four years ago this May (2019) I got done with cancer treatment. August 2014 we were all excited to move back to the midwest. Tucson had been amazing but now Iowa was to be home. We found my dream "Christmas house" and we were set to close on the house in August, just in time for all the kiddos to get started in school. I had noticed diffuse abdominal pain but just chalked it up to bad diet and stress of moving. By Halloween I was in so much pain when I walked that taking the kiddos trick or treating was a chore. I went in after that and, long story short, I was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer. Stage 3C to be exact. That was one of the hardest blows I have been through (10 people walk into a room, 4 walk out were the stats), and yet it turned into a journey that only God can put you on. Through my whole experience I was able to talk with and support HUNDREDS of people as they, or someone they knew, found my journey helpful. I was INCREDIBLY blessed.

The part that people don't talk about with chemo and being cancer free is the recovery period. It literally took me 2 years to get back to feeling fairly normal. At three years I decided to make some changes and to set out more on a path to be able to go empower and encourage other people's stories. So many had found mine to be beneficial, but yet what I saw with each story I had the honor to be a part of, is that their stories are very important also. So I started making sure I have kept going with mine, (I started running 5k's with my kiddos being that was something I have NEVER done, nor thought I COULD do).

Going through massage therapy school has now given me an INCREDIBLE way to help and empower others. Add this to my Clinical Aromatherapy and Master Health and Wellness Coaching, I honestly feel very blessed to have such a well rounded practice to bring to people. Together with others in the exercise/yoga/coaching community, I have been able to be a part in helping people get to their potential! So as you can see, my journey has lead me to this point where YOU ARE MY WHY. My why is to EMPOWER, ENRICH, SUPPORT, and teach you... so you can continue to bring your AMAZING story to others. I truly love my job.

I have found so much peace through God and how he has brought me to where I am. From there I am beyond blessed that I have the most beautiful WHY I could ask for.


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